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Major Buddika Wimalaratne Of Sri Lanka Artillery Regiment

Buddi. Is the youngest in my family .. He left the Nalanda College, Colombo in 1992 and joined the Sri Lankan Armed Forces the following year .. Buddi. also has participated in various operations namely << Jaya Sikuru >>



Buddika with his newly wedded wife Kokila

He was among the troops that were defending the Jaffna Fort while the rest of peninsula was under LTTE control .. Eventually, the rebels ambushed the fort and killed almost everyone .. My loving brother was among the dead after having been severely injured ..

He got injured as a gunshot went through his head .. Luckily, when the reinforcement forces checked the dead bodies, they discovered Buddi. who was in an extreme coma among the dead bodies .. Then he was rushed into the Military Hospital ..

The scar from that injury, remains today .. And he is my Hero .. ! 

Buddika and Kokila have just got a little cute bundle few days back .. [2000-05-16]
Buddika and Kokila at hilton ,Colombo 



Buddika invited us to messhall at Panagoda camp



Trip to Nuwara Eliya 2008 Jan.>



Trip to Nuwara Eliya 2008 Jan.>

Trip to Nuwara Eliya 2008 Jan