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Colonel Kamal Gunaratne Of Gajabha Regiment

Talking about Kamal, he has got, I would say, probably the best profile of an army officer .. His outstanding commitment towards the Sri Lankan Armed Forces has been proved in many occasions in the past two decades .. One of the most credible encounters happened while he was commanding Silawathura Army base ..
In 1992, then Sri Lankan President decorated him for his bravery of defending the Silawathura Detachment that faced a few weeks of offensive by LTTE .. Even though, he was wounded, he commanded his platoons not to give up until the backup reinforcement arrived ..  For that, he merited << Ranawiru >> heroes meddle ..

 Buddika and Kamal on the way to Nuwara Eliya

   Kamal and Buddika at Summit flats

His recent appointment was in the Infantry Training Centre at Minneriya as the Commandant ..  Due to security reasons, I cannot reveal what Kamal's present task is as the Tamil rebels are all over the web gathering informations about everythings ..

[..Kamal with my sister Chitrani.. ]




Wedding at Galadari

Brigadier Vijaya Wimalaratne greeted the couple


Buddika,Wimalka,Preethi, My mother, Kamal, Chitrani, My father, Chintha and Manju.

Kamal and Pinkey

Kamal and Pinkey at Hilton, Colombo

Vipula,Ravi, pinkey and Kamal at Hilton, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Kamal at Colombo.

Kamal and Chithrani at Minneriya

Kamal at Saliya Pura Camp

Jaffna-2005(Air Mobile Brigade)

Diyaluma water fall-2007

Trip to Nuwara Eliya 2008 Jan

Trip to Nuwara Eliya 2008 Jan

Kamal is promoted Brigadier now.