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Major Manjula Wimalaratne


Manju. Who is himself an old Anandian as our brother in law, Kamal, was an outstanding sportsman .. 

He joined Sri Lanka Artillery Regiment in 1990 .. He was among the troops of << Jaya Sikuru >> Operation until 1998, and got transferred to Sri Lanka Army Head Quarters ..

Last week [ 2000-05-20 ] he left again to the Northern front in Jaffna peninsula .. 

According to Manju., he was only worried about his newly married colleague officers .. 

<< I am not married and I do not care of being at the war front .. >>, said Manju. the day before he left Colombo .. 



 Manju training at India


Manju and Kamal are having an off duty chat 

Manju and Kamal at Dalada Maligawa , Kandy.

[.. Sharing a happy momentum with my loving brother.. ]


My brother Manju and me at Kandy

Manju with my younger sister Chintha

Summit Flats


Manju and me during my last visit to Sri Lanka(Jan-2002)

Summit Flats


Manju just arrived back from Jaffna(Jan-2002)

Summit Flats