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About Me



My name is Anoja Wimalaratne. I have four sisters and two brothers. I am the second in the family. I studied at Gothami Balika in Colombo. My mother was a teacher at Gothami.

I am living in Helsingborg, Sweden. Helsingborg is the 8th largest city in Sweden. It is situated in the south of Sweden. It is only 20 minutes from Helsingborg by ferry to Denmark. The world’s heaviest trafficked channel Oresund is between Denmark and Sweden.


Jeevarani Kurukulasooriya dressed me as a bride for a fashion parade.

These are my brothers Manjula,brother in law Kamal and Buddika.


They have a lot of jokes to tell when all are back home for holidays.  It is seldom all 3 are home at the same time.

We have a good time when all are at home.


My younger sister Chintha , Chitrani and Me

 ( Kamal and Chitrani,s wedding)


Guard of honour at Stockholm,Sweden


Meeting Amaradeva at Copenhagen,Denmark.



Flower Shop at Stockholm,Sweden.


Malini and Luckey at Stockholm


Bastille Metro station(Paris)


Visiting Paris.



Lido in Paris.


Kamal and Manju back from Jaffna during my visit to Sri Lanka(Jan-2002)